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Medical Massage Therapy in Charleston, South Carolina (SC) may be covered by your insurance and can help you get permanently out of pain.

"Do You Believe You Were Meant To Live With The Pain That You Currently Have?"

Dear Charleston area pain and injury sufferers,

The Medical Massage Center of Charleston of South Carolina (SC) employs licensed massage therapists who specialize in physical medicine therapy and medical massage techniques. 

These POWERFUL medical massage therapy methods eradicate pain—And accelerate the injury recovery process so effectively—We can almost guarantee it in most cases.

You probably have not yet experienced or even heard of these new advanced massage techniques — however, If you are suffering from an injury or any pain condition that is muscle related, you'll be excited to hear just how quickly our unique “massage therapy” methods have been recently helping:

Low back pain and neck pain sufferers finally find lasting and permanent relief,

Fibromyalgia sufferers drastically reduce their muscle aches and pains and drastically increase their energy,

Headache and migraine sufferers finally get out of pain without the use of medications,

Auto accident and car crash injury victims recover faster to get and stay out of pain,

Sciatica pain sufferers completely eliminate their hip, buttock and leg pain,

Computer users eliminate their carpal tunnel syndrome computer-related pain and strain,

Athletes raise their level of performance and when injured and recover faster from their sports injuries,

Injured workers stay off of disability and get them back to work in record time from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive muscle strain injuries.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach to our massage therapy techniques here in Charleston South Carolina (SC), people who have even been in pain for many years and have unsuccessfully tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments are finally finding lasting relief... AND SO CAN YOU!

Hi!  My name is Nicki and I am the Medical Massage Director of the Medical Massage Center of Charleston.

Please take the time to go through our website and read about how unique our approach is to muscle related pain conditions.

"Our Mission is to to get you permanently out of pain as fast as possible at the lowest cost to you."

Although our main focus is Medical Massage Therapy we also have available to us a network of physical therapists, orthopedic physicians and a Chiropractor Kinesiologist who are at your disposal if your condition requires further expertise.

"We all work together with one common goal in mind and that is...

  • to get you out of pain the fastest way possible,

  • to keep you permanently out of pain and,

  • to keep your treatment costing you less than any other healthcare approach.

You have my personal guarantee on that!


Nicki Blackburn, LMT

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Medical Massage Center Of Charleston

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The Medical Massage Center of Charleston serves many patients in the Charleston area including; North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Johns Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms.