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"Do You Realize... You Probably Have Health Insurance Coverage For Many Services Offered By The Medical Massage Center of Charleston?"

Due to public demand and revised healthcare regulations, progressive managed healthcare plans are beginning to cover medical massage therapy from qualified medical massage centers.

Most likely your health insurance will cover some form of medical massage therapy. 
The Medical Massage Center of Charleston has the experience and expertise to get most of our patient's health insurance to cover services offered by our therapists.  Even if your health insurance plan has been denied coverage for past massage therapy sessions, we have the existing network of primary care physicians who can prescribe the medical massage therapy that you need so that your health insurance plan may cover most of your cost.

If you have been injured on the job or as a result of a car accident, then most insurance companies cover medical massage therapy offered by our therapists at The Medical Massage Center of Charleston. 

Depending on the type of health insurance you have, the out-of-pocket cost for an hour an 15 minutes of medical massage can cost you as little as $10 - $20 at the Medical Massage Center of Charleston.

Compare that to the cost of a typical general feel-good massage at your local area SPA that can cost anywhere from $80-$120 for the same hour time frame. 

Let us take the necessary steps to see if insurance will pay for your massage therapy sessions at The Medical Massage Center of Charleston.
Simply fill out the following form and we will get back to you within 24 hours and let you know if your health insurance covers the services offered by our medical massage therapists.

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I allow The Medical Massage Center of Charleston to contact my insurance company for verification of services.
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Medical massage therapist employed at the medical massage center of Charleston can work under the specific direction of a medical doctor, doctor of chiropractic or doctor of osteopathy.
Working together as a team, we provide you with a complete and thorough treatment approach so that you will get out of pain and recover faster with less overall healthcare costs to you and your health insurance provider.

Our staff at The Medical Massage Center of Charleston is fully trained to perform the necessary assessments, documentation, and progress reporting required by the insurance companies and medical community.

Medical Massage Center Of Charleston
49 Calhoun Street, Suite B
Charleston, SC 29401
Ph. (843) 579-9166
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